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    i have an iphone 2g and it was working fine a couple of days ago but the battery died and wouldnt turn on so i let it charge abd then when i switch it on it stsy on a white screen i know the phone is booting becuase of the vibrations and whin i connect it to itunes it just says that the iphone has a lockcode so i cant use it on itunes, so it is wirking, tries resting by holding power and home button but it just comes back with white screen really quickly again.

    2010-04-17 08:35 AM
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    Hmm, from searching around I might have something... hopefully you can see it.

    In iTunes, when it's stuck on the white screen and plugged in, do you get a feature that has "unlock iPhone" anywhere within the program? I am not trying to insult you but anyone can overlook the smallest things sometimes. I am guilty of it once in awhile!

    I know you most likely really do not want to restore the phone without backing it up. So let me ask you... is your iPhone jailbroken? If yes then I think we can possibly find some third party software to backup your iPhone before proceeding to restore the firmware.


    No luck. I will try another $30 down to see if that fixes it...
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    2010-05-06 11:16 PM