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    Hello my iphone is lately getting a white screen now and then. Its not the screen of death it just seems like somethings not connecting right. When i get the white screen i just have to push really hard at the top of the screen and it fixes. I made a movie because its really hard to explain. As you can see i have the white screen and when i press lightly on it it goes to the apple logo and then back to white. When i press hard like i did at the end it stays at apple logo and turns on. Its really weird anyone have a solution ?

    2010-04-20 12:36 AM
  2. XFaega's Avatar
    Do you know if the iPhone has been opened or dropped?
    More the likely your LCD connector might be making good connection.
    2010-04-21 07:55 AM
  3. persichini's Avatar
    My 3g iPhone was doing the same thing.

    i dropped if off the desk on to carpet on a monday. tuesday i started getting a random white screen. by friday it was solid white. I restored the phone thinking that i installed something that crashed the phone.
    When that didn't work I opened the phone up (suction cup method). disconnect all the ribbon cables put it back together. nothing, still a white screen. i tired three more time. on the last try screen was back. that was over 2 months ago. those connectors are so touchy. if your under warrenty i'm sure apple would fix for you.
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    2010-04-21 02:43 PM
  4. michal2648's Avatar
    yeah i tried that opening it up and putting back together worked for a little and now the same thing. no its not under warranty i think im going to sell it
    2010-04-21 03:30 PM
  5. iGarza's Avatar
    Sounds like hardware to me. A few others have posted similar issues on other sites and they all pointed to something came loose.
    2010-04-21 03:55 PM
  6. Gyngabread Man's Avatar
    i would say to rechreck the connections they come loose very easy. i think its strange that your iphone reboots like thats that makes me think that more than just the lcd connections have come loose try reseating the mother board and redo the connections hopefully that works


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    2010-04-21 04:39 PM
  7. XFaega's Avatar
    There is nothing wrong with the actual iPhone just the LCD. There is a controller that is on the LCD that goes bad from time to time. It's a easy fix by replacing the whole LCD. Cheap fix.
    2010-04-21 06:18 PM