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    I searched and searched, no exact answer here. SO i am not sure if it s a battery issue, hardware or i might possibly be causing temp insanity.
    iPhone 3G 8GB - firmware 3.1.2 JB via Blackra1n

    I jailbroke it long ago when blackra1n came out and never had issues. Months goe by and when I disconnect the phone from the computer it goes black. It had a "fully charged" screen before I dosconnected it. Like normal I held it in my hand on the way to the truck and then I tried to turn it on and i got a black screen. The power/home buttons did not change a thing.
    Yes I did go to the Apple store but 2 individuals at the Genius bar stated it was a hardware issue but neither could get it to charge. nothing was showing up on the screen. Nothing at all, like normally if the phone is off it shows something on screen indicating its charging, not this time. I thought the screen was gone.
    But I connected it using the latest iTunes and it detected the phone as being in "restore mode" but the guys at apple didnt come across this. No matter what I do it always quits 3/4 thru install and gives error 6. Same error regardless the firmware.

    I forget where I read that sometime you could use redsn0w to knock it back into regular mode. I did try to use it to and the phone responded like i was jailbreaking but froze on the activation part. But did it get me out of my hell hole? Nope. Blackra1n wont work due to the asl.dll error. Ziphone thinks its in DFU.

    At this point I am want to see what it would look like if i used it for batting practice. But i want to know if the battery could cause this.

    Even trying the latest 3.1.3 gives me error 6.
    2010-04-21 09:05 AM
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    First hold both the home and power button for about 30sec. At this point you should see the restore picture or it will boot with the Apple logo.

    Second download iREB V 3.1.2 ( Google it )

    Third Get the official firmware 3.1.2

    Fourth put your iPhone in DFU mode if your not sure how iREB had a button to link you to youtube to show you how to. ( VERY IMPORTANT - Make sure iTunes is not running if it is close it. )

    Fifth once your iPhone has been put into DFU mode select the 3G option in the iREB program. Next you should see a white screen don't worry this is normal. Once you see that on the bottom on the iREB program select start iTunes.

    Last step when iTunes opens it will have a message saying the iPhone is in recovery mode click OK. Now hold down your shift key and with your mouse select restore button. Now go to the folder you saved the official firmware 3.1.2. Once you have selected that iTunes should have your iPhone restored with the firmware.

    If this doesn't work your iPhone might be toast.
    2010-04-21 09:26 AM
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    i tried iReb nd wasnt working on my machine. I am going to try to uninstall all apple software this computer to see if that works. I have the official firmware intact still.
    I tried it on a macbook pro today and it gave me an error 9. So i am thinking maybe if I cant get this out of its hell dimension, it might be toast. Please god! Dont let it be! ::crosses fingers::
    2010-04-21 10:28 PM
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    I tried it all. Ive tried this on 5 different apples and 3 PCs. ALl ranges of software. Its beyond anything I can turn up. But the next question is do I buy a 3GS or wait for june for the next iphone?
    2010-04-23 08:48 AM
  5. Cid6.7's Avatar
    3Gs..!!! Have you seen the pics of that ugly ***** 4g..lol
    Then send me your 3G
    2010-04-23 05:37 PM
  6. mlee2010's Avatar
    hehe. I have been weighing it out but I dont think the new iphone is my solution. Im afraid to find out how much the new phone will be. I think a 32gb 3GS will do fine. I can spend the extra money a new mac mini with 23" appled LED monitor im getting for 300.
    2010-04-25 09:14 AM