1. Shockster's Avatar
    I replaced the cracked screen on my iPhone 2g and synced it before changing it. Everything was working fine, when i tried to charge the phone and sync my computer wouldnt recognize it.

    It won't charge through my wall chargers either ive tried 2 of them. The wierd thing is my apple hi-fi stereo system when i dock my iphone it recognizes it and i can hear the clicks of the phone through the speakers. It says "this device is not made for this...turn on airplane mode" But the phones charging symbols are on.

    What is the problem? I tried different cords but i get no response from the computer. Its running 3.1.3 unlocked/jb.

    I also tried to see if it would connect through dfu mode but no luck.


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    2010-04-26 05:22 AM
  2. Micara57's Avatar
    You most likely knocked out the cable connecting the dock to the motherboard. Open it up and re-attach it.

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    2010-04-27 01:02 AM
  3. Shockster's Avatar
    I tried to open it up and reconnect it twice now, but it seems its as in as far as it will go and i have clicked the black snap down on it properly. Plus it wouldnt charge through my hi-fi if it wasnt in properly right?

    Thats what stumps me, it charges and plays sound through the dock on the speakers but doesnt charge or recognize any other cord/dock.
    2010-04-27 05:29 AM
  4. Micara57's Avatar
    It could be the cord. Try borrowing a friends. I've had 3 bad cords in 2 years.
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    2010-04-27 07:35 AM
  5. Shockster's Avatar
    Guess i left it out that i tried many different cords, and wall chargers and tried two different comps. Won't recognize any and doesnt show up in my comp as a mass storage device either so its not just itunes.
    2010-04-27 07:51 AM
  6. Micara57's Avatar
    Hmm, this is a tough one. I'd say that the connector was broken/loose, but it charges through the dock. Which leads to it having to do with the cord, but you've tried other cords.

    Pretty much it comes down to this:
    What's different about your dock's connection?
    -Which of course I'm not sure of.

    Maybe try wiggling the cord when its plugged into an outlet to see if you could get it to at least recognize it for a split second?

    This one has me confused.
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    2010-04-27 10:26 PM
  7. Shockster's Avatar
    Yea i came to the same conclusion, ive tried wiggling it on both the usb and iphone dock side. Wont chirp or recognize it at all. I was wondering if the hi-fi stereo charges it a different way perhaps? Im not sure cause i dont have to wiggle it at all on that, it just charges and recognizes the stereo immediately.

    Im stumped! =/
    2010-04-28 01:55 AM
  8. Shockster's Avatar
    Seems the speakers aren't working, could this be that the ribbon needs to be replaced?
    2010-04-29 06:48 AM
  9. rongillman3's Avatar
    I have to agree with with Shockster, try fixing the ribbon. Maybe its something with the LCD?
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    2010-05-03 12:27 AM
  10. Micara57's Avatar
    If it were me, and this was my phone. I'd try replacing the entire 'bottom piece' aka the speaker, mic, dock port thing.
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    2010-05-04 12:38 AM