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  1. mvaldez103's Avatar
    Recently I replaced the vibrating module on my iphone 3g because it was defective. Turned it on and everything was great. My power button wasn't working either so I opened it up again and tried to see if there was a way to fix it, at least temporarily (i ordered new button), but there was "nothing" wrong (i write nothing because I'm not an iphone wiz and i didn't see any broken pieces). The thing is I thought, what the hell, let me remove the lcd and clean some dust it has on it, great mistake. I cracked the screen a bit, just above the home button. it looks just like another home button but on the screen -.-' . Anyway, I got mad and put the phone back together. When i connect the phone so it can turn on, i see the screen stays off, but the phone is working properly. Receives calls and everything. It even vibrates when I move the switch to silent mode. I have experience replacing screens for laptops and such, and in laptops, even though the screen is cracked, they turn on. I don't know if its the same deal with iphones, so i want to know if the crack is causing it not to turn on, or if there might be something else wrong. Connectors 1-6 are all properly connected, and I'm pretty sure none of them were damaged during the operation.
    2010-04-28 10:12 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    You killed the LCD (screen).
    2010-04-28 10:36 PM
  3. mvaldez103's Avatar
    So I just have to buy a new one and replace it? I already practiced replacing it without damaging it any further.
    2010-04-28 10:52 PM
  4. dskum's Avatar
    If the crack is on the outer glass, highly unlikely you broke the LCD itself. The glass and LCD are two different parts on 3G. Check your connector number marked '1'. Thats the one which drives the LCD itself. Its very tricky 'locking' it into the motherboard connector and closing the whole screen.

    Even if you slightly 'over open' the screen after connecting LCD, the connector 1 disconnects since the flex cable is a little 'unflex':-)
    2010-04-28 11:14 PM
  5. cpjr's Avatar
    You dont have to crack the LCD to break it....all you have to do is flex it a little, which is quite easy if you dont know how to remove it propery.
    2010-04-28 11:23 PM
  6. mvaldez103's Avatar
    It is the lcd. I tried to pry it lose from the glass but applied pressure with the wrong tools and on the wrong spot. After it cracked i removed it completely and learned how its done. Its a mistake that's worth it. Im going to order the lcd this night.

    Any clue as to what's wrong with the lock/power button? What are the most common problems? I forgot to mention that it hardly pops out from the iphone housing. You can barely press it. But I hear the "click". Might have to replace the whole headphone jack/power button unit?

    Thanks for answering so quick guys.
    2010-04-28 11:28 PM
  7. dskum's Avatar
    I believe you have to replace the whole flex, unless you dropped and the chasis is slightly misaligned there causing it, since you feel the 'click.

    May be check the screws which holds the power 'switch' in position. (in the silver bezel).
    2010-04-28 11:35 PM