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    I have a jailbroken and unlocked (using RedSnow) iPhone 2g running on 3.0 and the bottom row of the screen isn't working, but only on some buttons. I have a game where you can hear tapping if you hit the glass and it makes the noise that I am touching the phone, but it won't let me click the button that is in the same spot. OR if I get a text, I can't click the typing spot to bring up the keyboard. But if I turn the phone sideways and it goes into landscape mode and then switch it back, I can click the space bar. It doesn't make sense! I restored the phone and no luck. HELP!
    2010-04-29 05:47 PM
  2. ____'s Avatar
    try restoring. most likely you gotta swap out your entire lcd assembly. sorry.
    2010-05-06 06:15 PM
  3. iamubiquitous's Avatar
    Me too: but see pics on my post
    Rules one and two ALWAYS in effect.
    2010-05-23 08:12 PM