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    I dropped my iPhone 3G in water. Now, if I plug the phone to the computer I can put it on restore but i'm getting a error 23. And if I unplug it, the phone just power off automatically. I've read that should be a hardware issue. Can someone tell me what is the EXACT part I need to make it work. I will put the phone apart and I will try to repair it myself since I bought a new iPhone 3GS.

    need help!
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    2010-05-03 11:45 PM
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    Have you tried a restore in DFU mode?
    It's only impossible if you quit.
    2010-05-04 12:35 AM
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    I tried everything and I need to change the logic board actually!
    2010-05-04 05:16 AM
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    I had this problem and I unconnected all of the cables and took the motherboard out then put it all back together and it magically worked. So try playing with it before making a big purchase.

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    2010-05-04 06:44 AM