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  1. h4mza's Avatar
    Right i have Backgrounder installed so i can run more than one application at a time. Lets say i have two application running in background, then my iPhone just vibrates and freezes and i get this picture with a dead looking smiley and some text saying something like Bad iPhone ... and i dont remember what else it said.

    I had to respring my iPhone to get it working fine. Question is why did this happen? What caused it?
    2010-05-05 10:47 PM
  2. ____'s Avatar
    Im assuming you are on a iphone first gen or 3g. so you are getting the sad iphone face and sayin your mobile substrate has crashed? Are you using themes on your iphone via cydia? I used to have the same problem with backgrounder, i uninstalled it and the problem disappeared. wait for os4.0 unless ur on the first gen iphone. lol
    2010-05-06 05:56 PM
  3. Excel Wiz's Avatar
    You are over loading your iphone with too many applications. Jailbreaking your iphone makes it slower then using backgrounder will make it even slower and it is going into safe mode. So yeah, I would restore my phone and not have in jailbroken or uninstall backgrounder and just wait for 4.0 to come for multitasking.

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    2010-05-06 10:56 PM