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  1. k111's Avatar
    Hey everybody I have been trying to fix my iPhone 2g's home button and am having this problem with the home button's connection and the black cover that goes over the home button. Every time I attempt a repair some how the home button's connection gets severed when I either click the black cover back in place (not the annenta cover, but the one under the lcd that covers the data connector mic and speaker). How is the data connector suppose to be placed so that no connections are severed? Please help, I can provide pictures if needed. Thanks

    Also are there any tutorials about flex cable repairs? FFC are the devil.
    2010-05-09 08:50 AM
  2. Vince87's Avatar
    Hi! Unless you have many years of experience fixing small eletronic devices I highly suggest you to buy the full mid-board assembly on eBay and stop wasting your time trying to put the flex in without damaging it (it's almost impossible IMO and I have 2 years of experience fixing iphone).. It's about 30$ and will be a much easier fix!
    2010-05-09 07:08 PM
  3. k111's Avatar
    Ya I'm not looking for someone else to fix it buddy, thanks though. I'll try my luck, spend the money and try again.

    Soldering isn't a problem its that damn home button. POS
    2010-05-10 07:52 AM