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    Ok, so I had an iPhone 2G laying around that I hadn't used in over a year. The Home button had stopped working long ago so I just upgraded to a 3G and left it in a drawer. My brother needed a new phone so I gave him that one and told him to get the button repaired and it should work fine. He took it to a repair place who said they'd diagnose it and let him know what the problem was. They called him and told him it was water damaged (I don't recall ever spilling anything on it, but whatever) and that it would be $120 to repair. He declined because he thought it was too expensive and wanted the phone back but now they're saying that after opening it, the phone doesn't work anymore. It just goes to a black screen. They also claim that that is what happens when you open an iPhone that has been water damaged. The phone worked flawlessly (except for the Home button, mind you) and now it doesn't work at all after they've opened it.

    My question is... are they full of it? Or is this something that normally happens when you open a water damaged iPhone? If it is their fault I'm not sure how to argue with them since they're the "experts" and I'm not. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated and sorry for the long story!
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    if really water damaged, there should a sticker inside it turns red, if not the sticker is white.
    2010-05-18 04:56 AM