1. docdip's Avatar
    So I finally finished installing a new lcd and audio jack into my iphone 3g, everything works fine cept I always get "No Service" I've tried defaulting my network settings, different sim cards, and restores but nothing seems to work. The only thing is that when I was installing the parts i cracked/bent the main board at a certain part, but after inspection it seems that i didnt break any connections. Heres a picture of where it is bent and a little cracked...

    After some research and looking around my iphone I figured out that the part that is bent seems to be near the port that the antenna plugs into, i looked at my antenna and its kinda weird, its somewhat purplish(somewhat hard to see though).

    What do you guys think? Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks.
    2010-05-28 06:08 AM
  2. Excel Wiz's Avatar
    Yup that is the antenna that you bent. So I would assume the mainboard is damaged.

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    2010-05-28 06:38 AM