1. saksh5's Avatar
    I purchased my Iphone 3G from a friend. It was in very good condition too except that, the battery life was so poor that it would lose 10% battery after every 7 mins. That too without usage of any apps or music. I decided to reduce the brightness level and brought it down to 20%. The issue remained.The battery on full charge works for 3 hrs without any use at all (No CALLS,WIFI,BLUETOOTH,MUSIC)
    I have now replaced the battery and also restored the phone to normal, wid firmware 3.1.2. The issue has still not gone.

    Can Anyone HELP me out here????
    2010-05-30 04:19 PM
  2. wolk72's Avatar
    thas wierd, it bcomes hot?
    2010-05-30 11:49 PM