1. philhockey13's Avatar
    So i just ordered a new back case for my iphone 3g and was thinking of doing a little something extra when i have it tore down. What im looking to do is cut the back case to fit a small metal pin with a sports emblem on it. The pin is a little bit smaller then a penny in the shape of an oval and about the same thickness as a penny as well. I would like it to be flush on the outside but im not sure how thick the actual case is and if there is any extra room inside or if it would need to stick out. I guess these are my main questions but any extra advice would be much appreciated...

    A: How thick is the back case ... is it possible to get this flush? -if i cant get it flush is there any clear plastic like solution to build up around the rest of the pin sticking out so it doesnt havesharp edges that could get caught on things?

    B: How hard would the plastic be to cut? - Im thinking if get the rough shape cut out would it be possible to heat the case to soften it where i could get the pin snug inside or would heat damage it and how hard to secure the actual pin down?

    c: Would there be any potential issues with the pin being metal and possibly shorting something?

    Again want to thank you all in advance for any advice or potential problems i may run into when attempting this mod. It should be noted this is my first iphone tear down but i have done full housing replacements on flip phones so its not to crazy for me to be disassembling a phone. Also would be good to note that i have no experience in actually cutting phone plastics so i could see that being a possible challenge.
    2010-06-07 02:23 AM
  2. ish8894's Avatar
    idk but if you could make a battery door that would be awesome. Oh and the back seems to be pretty thin so im not sure.
    2010-06-07 05:11 AM
  3. Wreck-gar's Avatar
    Trying to cut a perfect oval is going to be difficult. I'd recommend finding a friend with access to a CNC milling machine and using that to cut the shape. That way you'd have a perfect oval hole, possibly even stepped to hold the pin. I suspect the plastic is going to be a pain to cut and difficult to grip without crushing it. I know this sounds overkill but it'll cut a perfect opening and could probably avoid many potential screw-ups with a dremel that'd trash the case.

    We had cnc mills in school but I don't have access to them anymore. My buddy and I are thinking of buying a desktop mini mill between us, but not for about a year.
    2010-06-07 07:18 AM