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    I have an LCD replacement screen which I have attempted to install into 2 different 3g Iphones to have the same problem. The problem is that the colors appear faded out or white black inverted. Here is an example:

    So, the faded colors appear on both 3g Iphones. It also appears when only the LCD connector is plugged in (connector 1, not connecter 2 or 3). So I think I have a bad LCD.

    The kind weird situation is, that if the case is open, the LCD wire is plugged, if I pull on the case or wiggle the case, the LCD screen is fine.

    Here is a shot of the same LCD screen after some LCD maneuvering,

    here is a shot of me maneuvering the LCD on the open iphone.

    Man, my hands look good. I should hand model.

    So I think that the problem is with the ribbon or the connection from the ribbon to the LCD. I would prefer to fix this LCD than order a brand new LCD.

    Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Suggestions? Free LCD screens?

    2010-06-08 04:04 AM
  2. Schmohey's Avatar
    Was this problem ever resolved?
    2012-07-19 07:30 PM