1. rush.morris's Avatar
    Ok, so I inadvertently broke three of the prongs on my iPhone 3GS White 16gig.... I don't even know how but I did. Apple said that they won't fix/replace it because "A diagnostic evaluation has determined that the iPhone has been damaged as a result of an external force." Sooo, I was going to fix it myself. So my question is, where can I find a replacement part online? I've seen a bunch of them in searches but I don't know whether I just need the Sync Connector, or the whole Data Port and Flex Cable... And also how do I replace it? I know how to open the Phone and disconnect all the cables and junk but the Connector seems to be like attached to the battery...Thanks
    2010-06-17 07:43 PM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    Ebay is your best bet 20 bucks or so. Open the phone and remove the logic board there are 2 little screws by the dock remove them then the dock. I would replace the whole dock my self to get a better description on how to do this go to the guides tab and look for housing replacement it a full tare down of the phone...
    2010-06-18 03:20 AM