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  1. g0tvtec's Avatar
    I started having problems with the home button about 2 months ago. It was unresponsive and I would have to press it hard and multiple times for it to respond. Just yesterday the home button stopped working altogether.

    Can the home button be replaced and fixed? If so how much am I expecting to pay?
    2010-06-20 07:58 PM
  2. michal2648's Avatar
    i had the same problem i paid about 5$ on ebay and replaced it myself pretty easy to do
    2010-06-20 10:08 PM
  3. g0tvtec's Avatar
    ^ thanks

    is there an online tutorial on how to do it? i am using a 2g so i dont know if there is any hardware difference between it and the 3g/3gs. All of the 2g home button replacements only come with the button itself and not the flex ribbon cable.

    I tried installing mQuickDo which requires Mobile Substrate. I cannot find Mobile Substrate in Cydia however.. does anybody know why?

    it's the only alternative to the home button that i know of
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    2010-06-27 08:48 AM
  4. 805 93003's Avatar
    If you really want to repair your iPhone, and it truly is the home button flex that needs to be repaired. Then this is one of the most difficult repairs there is. I can guarantee you will destroy your iphone and have nothing, when you are done with this repair.

    If for some crazy reason you really want a 2g original iPhone. Take it to Apple for battery replacement, they will charge you about $70 and hand you a new 2g original iPhone.

    Better would be to buy a new 3gS for $99, or what I would do, buy a new iPhone 4 for $199.

    There are software tools to get around a broken home button. I think there are also techniques using the lock screen to get around the home button also. Not sure how to hard reset phone without home button, not sure how to get into DFU without home button either. Maybe a new phone would be better for you.

    Good luck.
    2010-06-27 06:34 PM
  5. g0tvtec's Avatar
    iPhone is both jailbroken and unlocked for tmobile. I am not an ATT customer. Not interested in getting an ATT contract. I dont need 3g service for the premium.

    There is software as home button alternative but I cant get them to work.

    If I were to get a replacement, Id find a used 2g/3g so that I can unlock/jailbreak it. Again I am not interested in 3g service. The second poster did say that he/she was able to change the home button in 5 minutes though.

    My question now is how do I download mobile substrate? I need it to get mquickdo (home button alternative) to work but it is not on Cydia

    Update: I installed mquickdo w/o mobile substrate and it works now.. It will be a temporary fix for now
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    2010-06-27 08:18 PM
  6. berenator's Avatar
    How did you get the quickdo to work? i installed it too (without installing the substrate cause i didn't find it in cydia) and it seems to be there and work, but i can't figure out how to get back to 'home'...i can only use the 4 prefixed buttons to call, text, use the internet and one more button that i can't remember...
    2010-07-04 01:15 AM