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    so a couple weeks back my silencer switch on my 3gs started acting up, i figure after i dropped it. I'm not sure if it falls under the broken or easily fixable category though and I'm hoping to find someone with a bit more experience that can help me out.

    it still does work as when i move it slowly up and down sometimes it will do a toggle between vibrate and and sound but only for about a second which led me to think that it wasn't broken or entirely broken at least. the button itself also isn't loose as far as i can tell as it clicks when i move it up and down and it does not move on its own in any way.

    so far Ive tried fixing it by doing a restore and through searching i found some have had different but similar problems that they fixed by tightening the screw attached to it, Ive also tried this. now the only other solution Ive been able to find through searching is to replace the button itself which i would prefer not to do. ( my warranty is up, otherwise i would just take it in to get fixed)
    2010-06-27 09:08 PM
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    The switch inside the phone is a very small piece that toggles which could have broken inside your phone meaning you would have to replace the volume button/home button/headphone jack assembly piece. You could open up your phone and take a look at it possibly tightening the screw wold help.

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    2010-06-27 10:01 PM
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    sorry i should clarify on what i have tried, im not that great at explaining things. i have tried the method of taking the screen off and tightening what i believe was the correct screw and did attempt to check it for any damage though i have no real idea what i should have been looking for and didnt get past the board behind the screen out of fear of wrecking it without the proper tools.
    2010-06-27 10:15 PM