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    i have a lot of vinyl rips i did myself that are 24 bit / 96 khz that are flac. i can rip them to wavs and encode them fine to alac, but itunes says the iphone 3g doesn't support the 96 khz side of things. i have just ended up using 24/48. do the new phones have hardware that can deal with 96 khz yet?

    No one will test this for me?
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    2010-07-02 05:16 PM
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    I cant speak to previous iPhones, but my iPhone 4 will play 24/96, 24/192, 24/352.8 ALAC in GoodReader, or any other means of getting the content on the device. iTunes wont let you sync it normally, however...

    And I assume the device clips it down to 16/48 like every other Apple product...
    2011-01-05 06:15 AM