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    I dropped my phone today, and now the sleep button, the volume toggles, the vibrate toggle, and the headphone jack do not work. It's my understanding that they are all connected on one connector inside the phone, and that must have come loose. I'm restoring the phone right now, but I doubt that will make any difference.

    Is there anyway I could fix this? I bought my phone off of ebay over a year ago, so I doubt that it's still under warranty (it's a 3G).

    Is there anything I can do?
    2010-07-04 10:49 PM
  2. kenpura's Avatar
    take out the 2 bottom screws. use a suction cup to pull the glass from out of the casing. there are 3 ribbon cables that can become loose. one is on the top right, top left and bottom left if my memory serves me correctly. lol i've taken many iphones apart for fun

    i lied.. there is 4. one on the top left, TWO on the top right and one on the bottom left. good luck.

    use this for reference..
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    2010-07-07 07:15 PM