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  1. iamjona's Avatar
    a co-worker asked me to check her iPhone if I could jailbreak & unlock it for her or not? she said that a friend of friend sold it to her as a brand new 3GS 16GB, but when I checked it out there's are something fishy about it

    1. The box has a serial number of 84001******, but the actual serial number in the iPhone is 5K022******

    2. Apple's website say that "Estimated Expiration Date: February 12, 2011" for this serial number, but with the serial number 5K022 it should mean that this phone made on 22nd week of 2010 which supposed to be around May, 2010 then how come the warranty will be expired on Feb of 2011? (Warranty supposed to be 1 year after the sell date Right?)

    So what do you guys think? is it a refurbished? If it is, then I will tell her to get a refund from the guy who sold it to her.
    because even if it's a brand new I still think that it's still a rip off. He sold it to her for $480 for a 3GS 16GB eventhough the iPhone 4 has been out already.
    2010-07-05 07:32 AM
  2. ct0wn's Avatar
    One thing's for sure, its not the original packaging. Even if it was a refurb, Apple wouldn't just toss it in to any old box--it would have the correct serial number.

    So that alone is enough to make me suspicious. I would get a refund and find a reputable seller this time around.
    2010-07-06 01:07 AM
  3. Garland106's Avatar
    Theres one thing for sure... That phone probably isn't "Brand New" the serial # on the box would match the phone, So chances are this phone probably had a front glass and back housing replacement to make it look "Brand New", just that seems suspicious, Tell your friend to get a refund
    2010-07-06 06:17 AM