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    Ever since I got my 4G, WI-FI was working fine, until today 7/8, it connects to my wi-fi i have in my house than drops as soon i try to surf.

    My laptops didn't have this issue only iPhone.

    I never really paid attention to what kind of protection am using for my WIFI, was it either 64bit WEP or 128bit WIP protection.
    But since it was such a hustle typing it 25 letter and numbers i changed it to personal, easier to remember to me at least.

    Called Apple they wasn't really helpful about it. Tried resetting WIFI, turn on and off Airplane mode to get WIFI working, but he did open my eyes and give me idea when he said try different network and see if the same problem will occur. So i tried my neighbors WI-FI connected it perfectly without dropping signal when I try to surf.

    So My Solution:

    So, I have BELKIN Wireless Router N, I went to their website and looked up firmware update for my router since firmware they had on there was since July 2008. I updated my router with firmware they had released the latest one.

    Important step when securing your WiFi:

    I never as I said paid attention to what am using as my protection as long as my neighbors wasn't using something I pay for every month.(am not using my neighbors WI-FI I asked kindly to connect so I can do my test)

    I had on there WPA2-PERSONAL, USING AES protection. As i went further into reading more about each protection I noticed they said AES is not commonly used is it to my understanding causes misunderstanding with new devices with recognition to WI-FI and connection.

    So I switched my Security to WPA-PERSONAL which is TKIP protection.

    Soon after this i went to my iPhone 4, I did forget this network to give a fresh start.

    Scanned and reconnected to my existing WI-FI SSID. Ever since this for 4 hours no WI-FI problems.

    Many might know this some might not, I didn't know, as I never read about different protections as I only cared about being protected and preventing other from using what i pay for.

    I though I should put this out there for those maybe having the same problems and their iPhone dropping connection when trying to surf the internet.

    And feedback feel free to post them.

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