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    So, this is what I'm thinking:

    I need to replace a 2G LCD and digitizer+glass. Instead of dishing out $85 on a whole unit, could I buy these two items separately and use them? Let me know what you guys think?

    Orig. Replacement LCD Screen Display For Iphone 2G+Tool - eBay (item 200477166402 end time Jul-26-10 17:55:53 PDT)
    New OEM LCD Touch Screen Glass Digitizer for iphone 2G - eBay (item 120594212616 end time Jul-15-10 06:00:50 PDT)

    My only reservation is how to glue them together. Or, would they even need to be glued together?

    This would put the total repair at $50ish, which is a better price than $80 for the whole unit. Just looking for a way to save money. Or, better yet, anyone know where to get teh assembly for less than $70?
    2010-07-15 09:47 AM