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    I am trying to fix an iPhone 3G. I got the broken glass off, and seperated it from the LCD from the bracket.

    Nothing too hard to this point.

    Before I put the glass back on, I wanted to make sure that everything was ready and I pushed the home button. I noticed that it would not press. I can push down on the home button but it does not depress. At this point I only have the mid frame in my hand.

    I can press the home button if I put it between my thumb and forefinger so I know the button works, it just will not depress when I push it back down into the midframe.

    I tried putting the midframe back into the case (without the glass) and still it will not 'press'. I didnt want to find this out after I put the new glass on it.

    I cannot figure out why the home button wont work.

    The silver metal circle is on the midframe where the home button makes contact with it (its flush with the midframe).

    I can put something between the midframe (on top of the metal circle) and the home button, and it works like it should. Remove the shim and the same result.

    Its almost as if the home button isnt sitting into the cut out for it and that wont allow the center of the button to contact the metal circle inthe midframe.

    Anyone have any idea what Im doing wrong??


    OK, I figured it out. I found that someone had done something similar and it gave me the clue I needed...

    When I heated up the glass to loosen the adhesive, the plastic of the frame got warm as well. I must have pushed from the button side on it. The frame moved microns.. but enough to make the contact between the button and the frame impossible.

    I warmed it up from the underside and pushed with minumal pressure. After cooling, it worked just like it did before I removed the glass.
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    2010-07-18 03:33 AM
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    Well, I was about to tell you what you did wrong, but sounds like you found it.
    2010-07-18 03:38 AM
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    been there before , huh?
    2010-07-18 04:09 AM
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    Ahhh, if you check out my sig links....Ive been modding/fixing and customizing them for awhile now Pretty much ran into everything.
    2010-07-18 04:14 AM
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    Guess you have. How long did it take you to figure it out the first time???

    Took me about 4 hours! I was looking for something that was preventing the button from reaching the contact on the bottom. It didnt occur to me that the plastic had been slightly deformed...
    2010-07-18 05:12 AM
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    Hi, I am having this issue. I replaced the digitizer and the home button is making perfect contact. Ive checked the little z looking bronze button and it works when I press it with a screw driver touching the outside part of the ipod, is the only way it works. Ive tried different flex cables and buttons and it doesnt work. What solutions do you guys have?

    This is an Itouch 2G btw.
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    Are they bent far enough to touch the connections on the dock?
    2011-03-09 06:53 AM
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    Yea, I checked and they are touching.
    2011-03-10 03:58 AM
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    Sounds like you need a new one
    2011-03-10 04:03 AM
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    I had this when i replaced my rear housing, just bent the home button pins a bit and voila!
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    2011-03-15 01:03 PM