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  1. morsa08's Avatar
    The title pretty much says it all. I have an iPhone 3g, and while I was repairing something else, I accidentally ripped the #4 ribbon, and now my home button and speakers won't work Anywhere I can buy a replacement? I can't seem to find one
    2010-07-21 04:38 PM
  2. MikeThomson's Avatar
    Never used the site but they have everything

    iPhone Replacement Parts | iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS + 4G Repairs
    2010-07-23 06:35 AM
  3. XFaega's Avatar
    Check eBay. Very cheap.
    Here is a mobile link lex&emvcc=0

    Here us another seller from the US with the whole bottom piece so it will be simple to replace.

    If you want to view in full browser just copy paste the whole numbers after aid=
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    2010-07-23 06:37 AM
  4. Mars478's Avatar
    Charging the phone will be impossible as well.
    Even reception will not work.
    iPhone 4, Yellow Custom Glass, 32GB, 4.3.3, non-working home button. And a prototype iPhone 4 White.
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    2010-07-23 11:01 PM
  5. kuhndsn's Avatar
    The iPhone parts store has just about every iPhone part. If not go to an electronics store.
    2010-07-27 01:45 AM