1. JChivell's Avatar
    So, I have a 2G, 3.1.3, JB and Unlocked.

    The phone thinks headphones are plugged in all the time. Then, if you plug headphones in, it uses the speaker.

    I know this is a common issue, but I think this is different. Its not stuck on the headphones, its just the opposite of what it should be (headphones always on, until headphones are plugged in and speaker turns on)

    So I did all the plugging and unplugging, cleaning, dusting, air compressors, I even took apart the bottom of the headphone jack like:
    iPhone Headset Jack REAL Fix: How to really fix that iphone headset jack problem.

    Some people said to reset user settings using BossPrefs. I restored the firmware to 3.1.2 and 3.1.3, downloaded from itunes, and my custom restores. I did everything possible and I cant think of anything else to do.

    Which leads me to believe that its the IC for sound or something.

    Does anyone know if this chip can be replaced, or if there is some sort of software work around for this? Any input would be helpful....I feel like I have read the whole internet today looking for a solution that worked....but to no avail.
    2010-07-24 04:38 AM
  2. piston597's Avatar
    My friend had something like this, he just plugged in the headphones, then turned off the iPhone, and unplugged the headphones and turned it back on then it was on speaker without headphones, and headphones with headphones, idk if it'll work for you though lol but worth a shot.
    2010-07-24 11:56 PM
  3. ZombiebotKing's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. It happened about 4 weeks ago and I tried the Q-Tip thing where you wash out the jack (wouldn't recommend it because it might make it worse but I was desperate) and pretty much everything else.

    I've come to the conclusion that the switch inside the jack that makes it switch from headphones to speakers is broken or jammed. If you find a way to fix it without sending it in please PM me.
    2010-09-06 01:25 AM
  4. dq13's Avatar
    It has happened to me in like 3 phones. the only solution was changing the back cover. basically change headphones jack, but I had complete spear back covers, so it was easier to replace the whole thing
    2010-09-06 07:09 AM
  5. ZombiebotKing's Avatar
    ahh... I don't want to do that... I guess I'll just live with it
    2010-09-06 08:36 PM
  6. Renejos's Avatar
    Did anybody find a solution?? I'm having this problem with two different Jack flex cables :-/
    2011-01-26 09:59 PM
  7. ZombiebotKing's Avatar
    Lol mine just fixed itself after a while
    2011-01-28 07:03 PM
  8. bubbleman7546's Avatar
    have a set of earbuds you dont want to use? just cut everything off close to the connector (so you have something to pull it out with) and plug the jack in. used mine like that for a while since i never used headphones anyway. sold it and got another one :P
    2011-02-02 05:54 AM