1. dglasser's Avatar
    I took off the back of my iPhone 4 and noticed that there's an exposed metal oval that makes contact with a small piece on the inside of the phone.

    The oval is visible in this picture. It's towards the bottom right of the inside of the back panel.

    Does anyone know if the back panel has some function other than keeping the insides covered? Is it an antenna extension? Something else?

    I'd be interested to hear thoughts or theories on what purpose this contact serves.
    2010-07-28 05:30 AM
  2. mortopher's Avatar
    You pull the photo from iFixit yet you fail to read the notes that go along with that photo? Weak.
    2010-07-28 06:16 AM
  3. dglasser's Avatar
    I saw the note. "... what appears to be an antenna" isn't the surest diagnosis. I also saw on another forum someone say they'd operated the phone with the back off and saw no loss in signal.

    So I wanted to see if anyone here had an opinion/idea as to what this thing does.
    2010-07-28 01:25 PM
  4. XFaega's Avatar
    Maybe some type of heat sink. I noticed on my i4 it gets really hot in that area if I strain the i4.
    2010-07-28 01:35 PM