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  1. nobu34's Avatar
    i was trying to add my own sms tone using diskaid.although i have been successful at doing this process previously, this time i had a little error on my part. everything was going well until i accidentally made a copy of my uisounds/audio than i deleted one of them now all my uisounds/audio are gone. and i cant restore my device cause it will make me upgrade to 4.0.1 which doesnt have a jailbreak at this moment. well not to my knowledge. ive already tried downloading 4.0 firmware but apple wouldnt let me restore to 4.0. so im out of answers and was hoping someone here might be of some help.
    2010-08-06 12:57 AM
  2. piston597's Avatar
    Yes you can restore your device to 4.0.1, ALL iPhone device CAN be jailbroken at this time, read the front page lol. All you do is restore and update, then go to follow the on screen instruction (just slide the bar) then your done. GO TO JAILBREAKME.COM ON YOUR IPHONE NOT COMPUTER LOL. Hope I helped.
    2010-08-07 08:57 AM