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    I just got a 3GS that had been dropped in a pool. When first received would not reconize sim, home key and stuck on connect to iTunes. Tried to restore got error 23. Removed motherboard soaked in alcohol and cleaned and let dry. Recognizes sim card. Not sure on home key. Try to restore and it attempts to restore and gets almost to the very end where it's restoring firmware but wont finish. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

    well i took it aart about 5 times and cleaned good each time. finally got it to restore per instuctions found on modmyi thanks. but now it is working it will not connect to wifi. you go to settings and look at wifi it just says no wifi. do i need to just clean the wifi antenna or just replace the band? any opinions
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    2010-08-09 06:21 AM
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    i had the same problem. if you put it next to your wifi hub it should grab signal even if your antenna is bad... when you wash the board with alcohool did you take the aluminum plates off the logic board.. because if you did not your not doing it right make sure to clean it with a tooth brush real good... good luck ...
    2010-08-10 02:27 AM
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    It is Possible that there is something in between the connection of the wifi antena and the logic board. It is also possible that there is some sort of permanent damage from the Water. We get water damage a lot, sometimes there is nothing you can do to fix a certain prolem. Keep trouble shooting, best of luck
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    2010-08-10 03:49 AM
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    wen i washed the board i did remove the metal emi shields. I went ahead and took the antenna and logic back out and made sure i got the terminals clean and cleaned the antenna good. When you go to settings to turn on wifi the wifi bar is shaded out and you cant even click on it like the phone tab does when there is no sim inserted. I would think it is just to far gone. I am just glad that is all that doesnt work (I would say i got my $60 worth). My girlfriend is just happy she got a 3gs. She was tired of using the old hand me down 3g I gave her after i got my i4. I was just hoping someone else may of had seen this before and had an easy fix. I may just go ahead and replace the antenna seems it is only like $20 or so. Again I thank everyone here for the help.
    2010-08-10 05:00 AM