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    Hi All.

    I've an iPhone 3GS 4.0.1 jailbreaked.

    In attempt to remove the jailbreak I've used "Erase All Content and Settings" in Settings > General > Reset.

    From that moment the iPhone doesn't boot: it hangs on Apple Logo.

    No way to use DFU, Restore Mode, no USB connection..

    I've tryed irecovery and all the procedures and tricks that I found googling... no way to boot the phone.

    A support doc from Apple WebSite (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Understanding 'Erase All Content and Settings') say that the procedure can take up severals hours, but my iPhone is hanged showing no activity.

    The last chance is to send the phone to Apple Repair Service, but my warranty is expired, and the repairing work cost about 300$.

    Any suggestions?


    Cesare from Italy
    2010-08-27 02:25 AM
  2. Waleed786's Avatar
    That always happens when u do that with a jailbroken idevice, that's why u always restore with iTunes. Just do a restore and you'll be okay.
    2010-08-27 03:13 AM
  3. AmericaCube's Avatar
    I can't... no USB connection to iTunes, no way to put the phone into restore mode...
    2010-08-27 07:30 AM
  4. Waleed786's Avatar
    You don't have a USB cable? Or is something wrong with the connector? I've always been able to restore in that situation.
    2010-08-27 03:55 PM
  5. lostwhiteboyy's Avatar
    Try shutting phone off by holding home button and sleep/wake button, or however you can get the phone to shut off, Make sure it's off. Have the USB in the computer but not on phone yet. Hold home button on phone then connect to 30pin connector still holding the home button till recovery connect to iTunes logo shows on phone. Then restore.

    This same thing happened to me before. But if that don't work try dfu mode.
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    2010-08-27 04:02 PM
  6. AmericaCube's Avatar
    I can't... pressing the Home or Sleep buttons on my iPhone doesn't have any effects...

    - I connect the iPhone to the power supply;
    - The iPhone start to boot;
    - The iphone boot shows the Apple logo;
    - The iPhone boot show the circular logo with blinking segments and, after few seconds, hangs;
    - After about 10 minutes the iPhone reboot itself and restart...

    No response from the iPhone to my actions (press Home, press Sleep, press Home+Sleep)...
    2010-08-28 08:55 AM
  7. Waleed786's Avatar
    Was everything working before you reset all settings or did you always have USB problems?
    2010-08-28 11:49 AM
  8. AmericaCube's Avatar
    Never had USB problems..
    2010-08-28 01:29 PM
  9. Waleed786's Avatar
    Then your not pressing the buttons right/doing the correct steps. Google "iPhone recovery mode" and you will find detailed instructions, it's pretty much impossible for your iPhone not to be able to restore.
    2010-08-28 01:43 PM
  10. AmericaCube's Avatar
    "As arcane as “recovery mode” sounds, it’s actually very simple:
    Disconnect your iPhone and turn it off by holding the “Sleep/Wake” button for about five seconds "

    When I press Sleep nothings happens...
    2010-08-28 02:35 PM
  11. Waleed786's Avatar
    First, hold the sleep and home button at the same time until it turns off, then connect the USB BEFORE TURNING IT ON, then hold the home button as soon as u plug it in. I think it's something like that
    2010-08-28 02:43 PM
  12. AmericaCube's Avatar
    When I press Sleep & Home the iPhone doesn't do nothings... no actions, no response...
    2010-08-28 02:47 PM
  13. Waleed786's Avatar
    U have to hold it for a while bro, maybe like 15 seconds, it works with EVERY iPhone and yours is no exception. Hold then tight so you don't accidentally let go.
    2010-08-28 06:52 PM
  14. dq13's Avatar
    press AND HOLD both home and power button for at least 10 seconds... the phone will turn off. once the phone is off, HOLD THE HOME BUTTON and while holding it, connect it to the computer. KEEP HOLDING THE HOME BUTTON WHILE YOU SEE THE APPLE LOGO and after a few seconds the phone will go into recovery mode on itunes and you will be able to restore
    2010-08-28 07:26 PM
  15. AmericaCube's Avatar
    When the iPhone ins hanged in boot with Apple Logo no keys combinations works... I've holded Home, Home+Sleep for about 60 seconds, but nothings happens....

    "press AND HOLD both home and power button for at least 10 seconds... the phone will turn off."

    Unfortunately the iPhone doesn't turn off... it shows the Apple logo untill the battery charge drains...
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    2010-08-28 08:35 PM
  16. Waleed786's Avatar
    Then something is wrong with ur buttons if not ur fingers =p
    Take it to an apple repair if it's under warranty
    2010-08-28 09:10 PM
  17. dq13's Avatar
    uhmm... then let the battery drain, once the phone is off, while holding the home button, plug it into the computer and keep holding it untill you get into recovery mode. If that doesn't work, then your home button is not working or something like that
    2010-08-28 11:28 PM
  18. AmericaCube's Avatar
    dq13... U R a Magician!!!


    But now... the Sleep Button doesn't works... :-(

    ... and after few minutes the backlight shut off...

    I've submerged the iPhone in a plate with rice, cross the fingers.

    Many thanks to everybody.
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    2010-08-29 01:19 AM
  19. Waleed786's Avatar
    So the reason it didn't go into recovery mode before was because the sleep button doesn't work..that makes sense..glad u got it fixed though
    2010-08-29 01:48 AM
  20. dq13's Avatar
    that's why it wasn't turning off when holding both, because the sleep doesn't work. the backlight goes off after a few minutes because the phone is set to "auto lock after X minutes" if you don't want that, go to settings, general, autolock and set to Never, but then, since your sleep button doesn't work, your not gonna be able to turn it off and will drain your battery
    2010-08-29 08:10 AM
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