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    3GS Battery Replacement - Success Story

    Buying or replacing a 3GS battery from anyone/anyplace other than Apple is a hit-and-miss experience. You are likely to run into numerous problems/issues some of which are listed below:

    1. iTunes Unknown error (29) during a restore to 3.1.3 or above (Note: 3.1.2 is ok!). The last 3 lines of the error (29) log file:
    gasgauge_swupdate failed: -1; attempting to dump restore log; writing log file: /mnt1/restore.log1
    2. SBSettings (or BatteryDisplay) percentage display will drop from 100-92/3 quickly, pause (+/-30 minutes), then drop at the normal rate
    3. A 100% battery when plugged in will immediately drop to 95% when unplugged, then slowly creep up to 100% within 4-5 minutes.
    4. Slow charging (5-6 hours). Normal 0/2% to 100% is about 2 hours. The USB wall charger will not get warm.
    5. Need to depress the power button longer than normal to power on
    6. Does not automatically power-on when plugging in the power cord
    7. Abnormal performance

    The problem?: An out-of-date or not-approved battery APN part # IS the problem !!!

    For model MC137LL (mfg week: 24; old bootrom) the shipped APN # is: 616-0433

    Any APN # LESS than 616-0433 will FAIL iTunes restore with unknown error (29).

    Here's a list of the batteries I tried during a 3.1.3 and a 4.0.1 restore:
    APN 616-0366 -- Fail
    APN 616-0431 -- Fail
    APN 616-0433 -- Good (1+ yr-old original)
    APN 616-0435 -- Good

    Unknown 1600mAh high-capacity battery --- Fail

    Note1: 3.1.2 restore -- Good for all batteries
    Note2: All batteries had average performance (total usage/standbye time).
    Note3: If you into experimentation, the little circuit board at the bottom of the original Apple battery can be reused

    In my opinion the dealer -is- responsible but not really to blame. They are just as dumb as me do not realize the stringent Apple restore process or where Apples ugly little head will appear. I replaced my battery 4 times (10 change-outs including testing). Three bad ones (Florida, Hong Kong, and local reputable repair shop). The last one (this time good) was from a different Hong Kong dealer. It really is hit-and-miss.
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    So if you have a battery with wrong numbers on it you will never be able to restore\update your iPhone? I'm curious because I've ordered a whole new iPhone back (including the battery) from hong kong and I'm looking forward to this update (4.1) thats supposed to have better performance for 3g.
    2010-08-29 11:44 PM
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    Yes: Precisely which numbers work is an Apple secret. The numbers I tested (and failed) will get Unknown Error (29). Out of 5 total batteries, 2 different numbers worked.

    No: As a kludge: You can use TinyUmbrella to kick the iphone out of the almost finished recovery ... and the iPhone seems to work well. However, I was not comfortable using this almost ok solution.

    In my case, all batteries with an APN number lower than the original failed.

    Note: I used this Hong Kong supplier: (SW-Box They sell what looks and works like real Apple parts @ fair prices.
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    Hi, I have 3GS (week 46, new bootrom) and replacement battery with apn 616-0435 does not work (error 29). Any idea which apn should I try?

    (I don't know the apn of the original battery, it's in trash)
    2010-10-05 05:52 PM
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    Sorry, can't help you. It is interesting your replacement apn did not work and it worked on my 3GS. Probably have something to do with old/new bootrom and/or week of manufacturer but only Apple knows these secrets.

    My love/hate Apple relationship continues

    Note: If you're careful and posses good soldering skills, the little 'circuit board' at the bottom of the old battery could be reused on the new one.
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    Anyone know if this one will work? I can't find the APN, but this site is pretty credible. I've ordered from them before and the parts were the same as OEM quality.

    I'm also considering ordering a new complete housing for my 3GS, but after reading this thread I've been looking at all the batteries that are inside of these housings, and they're all APN # 616-0366. So does that imply that the quality of these "OEM" replacements are pretty low?

    iPhone 3GS Complete Rear Panel Back Cover Assembly White 32GB
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    On my 3Gs, old bootrom, week 29, I replaced the original weak battery APN: 616-0431
    with 616-0366
    (These replacement batteries I had bought from

    After I performed the replacement the iPhone would continuously reboot after about 3 min of actual use time.
    Reloading the iOS did not resolve the issue.
    Each time I re-installed the original battery (616-0431) the unit worked as it should.

    If you have reboot problems after battery replacement, here is a different reason given:
    iPhone Rebooting at Apple Icon | iPhone Battery Life & Replacement
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    there is an easier way to know that:
    the one marked with 3.7V is for 3G
    the one marked with 3.7V 4.51Whr is for 3GS
    no need to memoraize APN(apple part number)

    Shamelessly copied from another site, hopefully it's useful.
    2012-02-27 07:07 PM
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    I am curious because I have purchased another apple iphone back (such as the battery) from hong kong and I am searching toward this update (4.1) thats designed to have better performance for 3rd generation.
    2012-03-05 04:11 AM
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    Is it possible when switching out the battery that if you use one of the lower numbered ones it will not turn on at all? I am doing a major refurbish (first time) on a 3gs (headphone jack, earphone, back casing, sound/top buttons, glass/digitizer, battery). I got everything replaced but used an APN 616-0366 and nothing happened plugged into the wall or my macbook pro. The phone was really jacked up when I got it but was working despite being near-buttonless, cracked, etc when it was used one month ago. My phone was stolen and I am under contract for a plan that I have to pay for but can not use. I don't have anywhere near the money to buy a new anything so I was hoping I could just buy some replacement parts and do this myself.

    So anyway, I have ordered APN 616-0435 from a local place in France, if that doesn't work is it the dock connector I should try to replace next?

    (Also very sorry if this is not the appropriate place to post this)

    Thanks in advance
    2012-03-23 05:28 PM