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    Hi guys. I had a 16gb iphone 3gs and i managed to break the motherboard. The guy at the service told me that nothing else is broken inside, but wanted way to much for another one.
    So, after quite some time, i found this
    Apple iPhone 3GS PCB Printed Circuit Board - iPhone 3GS Internal Parts - Apple
    But the service guy told me the internal memory is on the motherboard, this item here says nothing about that ... Then I googled about it and found out there's another item, the logic motherboard, which has the internal memory on it.
    Is the info I found accurate? That's the item I need? The logic motherboard, not the PCB? Bear in mind I got no idea of what I'm talking about, it's just what I found around the web + what that guy told me.
    If I also could get any tips on how to change it, would be awesome, if not, ill eventually take it to someone else to do it

    edit: Do I gotta do what this clip explains? Oh I think I got it, the logic board is everything, the PCB is only the circuit board, right? Any ideas where I can find a cheap one? Found one on ebay for 160$, from a trusted seller, is it an okay price?
    Many thanks.

    On a side note, so I wont make another thread just for this, I currently have an iPhone 4. it was on AT&T, unlocked, JBed, hacktivated. I can use my carrier's SIM, I can make calls/message/use data. The only thing that sometimes bugs is like it follows:
    the signal bars shows me 1 line, it doesnt show carrier name, when I enter "about" it tells me network and carrier not available, when I enter "network" it takes forever to load it and obviously sms/data/3g isnt working either. I have to restart the phone, sometimes several times, for it to get back to normal, taking out SIM and putting it back in doesnt solve anything(didnt try several times at once, just 1). Is it a software thingie, or is SIM related(bad SIM, faulty readings, etc)?
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    the link you provide will not work for you, that is only for the PRINTED BOARD that means it is missing all the "chips" and connectors, you will ahve to solder everything to it like the sim card reader, etc... the cheapest you will find is definitely ebay. another cheap way would be buying a broken iphone on craigslist that has a shattered glass and LCD but the motherboard is good. replacing it is easy, about 10 tiny screws
    2010-08-29 06:44 PM
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    And its called a logic board, right? Thanks for the site suggestion
    2010-08-29 11:08 PM