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    Hello everyone,
    my iPhone 3g has become unusable except for browsing because it has lost all of it's sound. No sound from speaker, earpiece, headphones & mic.

    About a month back the problem started and the phone began to hang without any reason and I have to hard reset everytime then it would work for a day or two then repeat. I tried resetting all settings, restoring, upgrading firmware and then downgrading but the problem was still there.

    One day I noticed that it was the sound problem that is causing all that. I tried cleaning the headphone socket and tried all methods that are available in the net but no improvement. I am in a place where there is no apple shop or iPhone repairing facility so I ordered tools for opening the 3g from eBay and disassembled it but could not find any loose cable or visibly damaged part and cleaned all dust with a soft brush but the problem is still there.

    But now there is no sounds at all and even if I try to play a song in iPod app it pauses immediately by itself and no sound and it seems the phone firmware is trying to cut the sound so that it does not freeze by producing sound. No ring tones alerts etc. I again noticed that when I charge it or attach the USB sync cable and do a hard reset by holding the sleep&home button the sound returns and everything works execept the headphones. But it again freezes when the dock cable is removed and loses sound & mic. Now I ordered a dock assembly and audioflex cable through eBay with hope of repairing it.

    Will replacing the dock assembly help? Kindly advise and help.

    I would also like to mention here that the phone does not have any water damage but it got stuck in the luggage door hinge of a car once but there is no significant damage to the phone except few spots in the LCD. I also used a cheap charger from eBay.

    Please help and advise
    2010-10-03 09:32 PM
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    hey, i had a problem where my iphone 4 was stuck in headphone mode sp no sound came from the speakers.i did a reset and it worked.....you could try a factory reset.....good luck
    2010-10-08 07:15 AM
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    I have a iPhone repair biz in az. And it sounds like you just need to replace the dock connector... You can order one off of Ebay for around 10$, I recommend ordering a part that comes with philips screw driver, flat head prying and a plastic prying tool. If you want a walk thru on relpacing it i'd be happy to recommend some youtube videos.

    You may also have a wire unplugged from motherboard that gives you sound to the ear speaker.... Its a thin strip that slides in the motherboard with the black tab that goes up and down.
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    2010-10-14 10:27 PM
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    Thanks NevZ for the help.
    I have changed the dock assembly as well as the audio flex cable but the problem still remains. I think the problem is with the logic board. Can you all help me out?
    2010-10-15 02:48 PM
  5. NevZ's Avatar
    Audio Encoder IC Chip for Apple iPhone 3G Logic Board - eBay (item 160381646048 end time Oct-21-10 15:38:58 PDT)

    I dunno if im allowed to post links to other sites on a forum but here is the part you need on ebay for 30$ it is a AUDIO ENCODER IC chip. Where it is located on the board I do not know. But I too have a motherboard with this a similar problem. No sound at all. I will be ordering this part once I have successfully located it on the motherboard and soldered it off. Im guessing if we use a hot air gun and direct heat on that processor and just gently lift it up it should come out.

    But hence the problem still lies in reapplying a brand new chip. this is where it gets tricky because you have to line up the pins PERFECTLLY... Im thinking if you heat up the new chip adn heat up the but slightly and apply some "flux" it should stay? But I have no experience with this. I hope someone who knows more info on this can help us?? I guess time will tell.
    2010-10-16 06:33 AM
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    Again thanks for the advice NevZ
    What I did is, I pressed over the metal sheet covering the mainboard near the audio ic area and it did work for 3-4 days without any problem but again the phone fell off from my hand and the problem reappeared.
    Do you know how to open the metal sheet covering the logicboard or any video tutorial will be helpful?
    2010-10-19 09:36 PM
  7. Prince_'s Avatar
    Did you ever find a solution? my phone recently started having the same problem
    2011-08-04 04:02 PM