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    The very common thing that has happened to many iphone 4s has happened to mine. I am looking into having my phone fixed by a store with really good reviews but I am wondering about the piece that they are repairing my iphone 4 glass screen with. Is there anyway for me to know if the piece is a legitimate iphone 4 piece or is there a site that sells legitimate iphone 4 replacement iphone 4 glass/digitizer thing? Also does apple do iphone 4 repairs? My phone is a factory unlocked iphone 4 so I don't have warranty for it.

    Also, I found aguy that said he has the original parts that are from the same manufacturer as the iPhone 4 parts. How legitimate would this be. Here is the place San Diego iPhone & iPod Repair Service thanks for all the help. First iPhone and so many questions.
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    Go to cnn.cn its a good website with legit iphone 4 parts. I dont think apple will repair it but there is a guide at ifixit.com.
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    I would be a little cautious as well to taking it to a store for repair. But it a did some research & found Dr. Cell Phone. They do iPhone 4 screen repairs. I took a chance & sent them my phone. It was but a 1 day turn around. And they phone looks like new. I haven't had any problems with the screen. So sometimes you do got to take a chance. Check them out.
    2011-03-28 06:32 PM
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    are you looking for the same oem original screen? or are you looking to do a different color? Since apple don't offer iphone in a different color there are factorys that make them just like the original. Do your research before you buy. I did some broken repairs myself on the iphone 4. I actually got in touch with an manufacture out in china that makes the lcd and parts with the same grade material. I actually went through quite a few factorys and finally found one. i just fixed a smashed iphone screen with the parts !

    hopefully that helps. If you need any help taking it off or putting it together feel free to contact me.


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    2011-03-28 07:27 PM
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    If you actually find real OEM parts i would love to know.
    Especially if they weren't very expensive.

    Good way to test is to drop a tiny bit of water on to the glass.
    If it is OEM it will bead up, if not it will run. try it!

    Doubtful i will ever find OEM glass for a price i am willing to pay, people dont really care though. they just want to use their phone again.
    2011-03-30 12:35 AM
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    Guys if you need OEM parts, PM me!
    2011-04-02 01:51 AM