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    I really do not know if this is a hardware problem or software. I google for it a lot and all I get is "I have the same problem" sorry it does not help. Anyhow, my iphone 3GS is freezing at least 3 to 4 times a day each time I need to hard reset it otherwise it stay on the same screen and drain the battery out. Also when I plug it to my car Ipod control it will play fine and then it quite playing, it look like the song is playing but there is no sound I then pull the plug out and plug it back in and its working again, and sometime for no reason at all it will restart itself while playing. (i now that my car Ipod control working fine because I have an ipod that working with no issue and also my friend iphone that working ok too). The issue is driving me crazy and I hope someone can give me a hint on what is going on and what need to be replaced.

    I'm running 4.1 JB (had the issue way before the JB)
    I did restore the software (NOT a backup) which did not help.

    I will appreciate any idea or help
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