1. iPh0wned's Avatar
    i know this is the iphone forum, but i feel like you guys would be good to answer this question....

    being an impatient boob, i ordered the new 11 inch mac air with 2gb of ram, smart thing is to pay the $90 extra for 4gb of ram, but i didnt want to wait the extra week it takes to ship.

    i thought i could just walk in to an apple store and upgrade the ram after getting it for slightly more, maybe around $100-120. then a friend mentioned that it would probably come with 2 x 1gb sticks instead of 1x 2gb. i tried to verify this with the ifixit.com teardown, but it was unclear (since im not familiar with hardware). would anyone be able to enlighten me on this? if its going to cost another 200$-300$ because ill have to buy 2 2gb chips instead of just 1, ill prolly just return it and be patient.

    but would love to know, heres their pic and description
    YELLOW = 2GB of Elpida J1108EFBG-AE-F RAM

    2010-10-22 02:57 PM
  2. dq13's Avatar
    not sure, just my opinion, but that looks like a different type of ram (to save space) like a chip instead of a stick.. I might be completely wrong tho
    2010-10-23 03:55 AM
  3. iPh0wned's Avatar
    ya, from i hear its soldered on in the base version..... better to buy it upgraded already it seems
    2010-10-23 06:42 AM