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  1. salmon8's Avatar
    I followed all the steps and my iPhone is successfully unlocked. But I have a problem now. My iPhone suddenly turned off and I couldnít turn it on anymore. I tried to recharge it and connect it to my PC but nothing happened. My iPhone is totally dead! Anyone please help me,I am a newbie to iPhone.
    2010-12-11 03:08 PM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    Try holding home and power button together for at least 30 seconds.
    2010-12-11 03:40 PM
  3. 805 93003's Avatar
    You are a very experienced newbie if this is true, "I followed all the steps and my iPhone is successfully unlocked."

    When you connect the iPhone by USB cable to your computer does iTunes detect it?

    For help it is best if you give more information about your iPhone, model, firmware IPSW etc..
    Also explain special things you have done to the phone, good or bad, any repairs?

    Tell us more.

    2010-12-11 07:14 PM
  4. salmon8's Avatar
    Hi brad! this is really my first time unlocking an iphone and even using iphone. Anyway,this is what happened.

    1.I unlocked the iphone by updating my baseband 5.14 to bb 6.15

    2. updated the ultrasnow to 1.2

    then the iphone was unlocked and used it for calls and texts. I even used the phone in checking my mails. While I was browsing the net,the phone was suddenly turned off and i was not able to turn it on again. i plugged the phone to my pc and nothing happened. left it for about an hour then the apple logo showed up. but only for less than 20seconds. tried the hard reset and everything those guys from this site has told me. but up to now it's still dead! it is stuck on the apple logo

    My phone iphone 3Gs, 4.1 version, bb 5.14.

    Please help me! the phone was just bought last month.
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    2010-12-20 12:16 PM
  5. Co1d Night's Avatar
    Hold down the power then hold down the home button for 5 seconds, then release the home button but keep holding the power. For some reason this always shook my ipod out of anything unusual.

    If that doesn't work, google "how to put iphone in DFU" mode and try those steps
    2010-12-20 02:46 PM
  6. 805 93003's Avatar
    If your 3GS is the newer bootrom version, you have what is called a tethered jailbreak. That means you need to use Redsn0w when you boot the device. Give that a try.

    Good luck.

    2010-12-21 06:05 AM
  7. salmon8's Avatar
    Hi again brad! thank you for your reply. May I know how to how to reboot the phone using the redsnow? Can you please give a step by step instructions?
    2010-12-21 07:36 AM
  8. 805 93003's Avatar
    I believe to perform a tethered boot:
    Connect the iPhone 3GS to the computer by USB cable.
    Open Redsn0w 0.9.6b5, in the options window select the 7th item "Just boot tethered right now" then click next at the bottom of the window.
    Good luck.

    2010-12-21 08:03 AM
  9. salmon8's Avatar
    The phone cannot be detected on my pc or in itunes
    2010-12-21 08:05 AM
  10. Co1d Night's Avatar

    Try my post >_> i can guarentee you if you try it it'll work. DFU fixes everything.

    1. First, Open up iTunes, plug in your phone in the computer.

    2. Hold down the Home button and then the Power button until the screen goes black and the device turns off.

    3. Now let go of the Power button, but continue to hold the Home button. Your iPod Touch/iPhone should have turned off and the screen should not be on.

    4. After around ~10-20 seconds, you will hear a noise (beep/ding) from your computer as if it had just recognized a new hardware device, now iTunes should recognize it in DFU mode.
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    2010-12-21 02:15 PM
  11. salmon8's Avatar
    hi! the problem of my phone is that it wont turn on. it could not be detected on my pc or in itunes. the apple logo will appear for only a couple of seconds. It could hardly go to DFU mode even if how many times I had to try.
    2010-12-21 07:23 PM
  12. Co1d Night's Avatar
    If you unlocked it and that was the ONLY thing you did, DFU should pull it out of whatever is wrong with it.

    Have you dropped it?

    1) Turn off iphone, disconnect from computer
    2) Launch iTunes
    3) Hole "Home" Button on iPhone
    4) Conenct iPhone USB to computer and iPhone - Keep Holding
    5) iTunes should mount iPhone and force restore

    try THAT, thats a force restore. If that doesn't work then you have a problem beyond just unlocking 0.0
    2010-12-22 02:43 PM
  13. Gyngabread Man's Avatar
    If your 3GS is the newer bootrom version, you have what is called a tethered jailbreak. That means you need to use Redsn0w when you boot the device. Give that a try.

    Good luck.

    There is no such thing as a 4.1 tethered jailbreak. All the jailbreak tools capable of jailbreaking 4.1 use Comex's kernel hacks to untether it.
    Once you purchase a product surely its up to you if you put it in a blender or drive over it in a car, what right do Apple have to stop us abusing our stuff? thats like saying you can't slap your girlfriend, she's your girlfriend, you own her, you can do what you want to her lol
    2010-12-22 08:43 PM
  14. AaronNnNn's Avatar
    yeah, holding the home button while pluggin it has fixed every problem ive ever had.
    2010-12-24 03:52 AM
  15. salmon8's Avatar
    Thank you guys for helping me out. I tried everything you said but unfortunately none of them worked. Every time I plug the device to my computer it cannot be detected. I tried to charge it it doesn't respond or turn on. anything i can do about it guys?

    yes i dropped it once. I put it on my lap when i was sitting on the chair.
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    2010-12-25 04:52 AM
  16. vez-iphone's Avatar
    this sounds exactly as my problem, and i cannot get my iphone to boot up, im not even seeing the apple logo....
    @salmon8, leavae your iphone pluged in ur usb port and restart your computer,and tell me if ur computer starts up ok, cause when i do that my computer will not boot up until i plug back out my iphone
    2011-01-01 08:10 PM