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    Hello all

    so a friend of mine dropped her iphone on water, and it apparently died. She tried everything recommended in this cases to dry it out, but no luck. Finally she got a new one and I took the old one to give it a go at fixing it.

    The iphone is not completely dead, it appears. When I connect it to the computer, it doesn't recognise it, but then if I press home and power buttons for 10 secs, and release the power button, after some seconds it does (I believe this is putting the phone into DFU mode, right?). Itunes tells me the iphone needs recovery, so I tell it to go ahead, and after some minutes while "preparing iphone for restoration" it gives me a 1601 error.

    I've already searched for this error and I've tried some of the solutions, but to no avail. I've tried different cables, different computers, different OS.. The thing is that my friend told me at some point she saw something on the screen, when connecting it to the computer. I can't recall if ot was the apple logo, the itunes one, the usb image.. but during all these tests I haven't seen the screen turn on at all. So I don't really know if the screen is dead, or not.

    Anyway, if anyone could think of something to try, I'd be very grateful, because as you can tell I'm no expert and I don't know what else I can try.

    I also have this tiny screwdriver to open it, but I haven't dared yet. Maybe I should look for corrosion inside?

    So, if anyone has an idea, please tell me!

    2010-12-12 12:56 PM
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    The LCD may be shot if you arent getting any images. Not sure if that would cause the 1601 error as well though.
    2010-12-12 01:41 PM
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    1601 is mostly due to software error, so make sure you are restoring to the latest firmware directly from Apple. The screen should be ok, because the motherboard goes out before the lcd (takes more water to damage the LCD than the MB) so if the computer recognize the phone in DFU, maybe the connectors to the LCD ON THE Motherboard are bad. Water damage is not easy to fix, and if you do not dear opening the phone, it means you have no experience, so even if you DO open it, you will not find anything out of the ordinary. My recommendation is to take it to a place that fix water damage iphones. I have a friend that does it, so I know there is a chance of bringing it back to life
    2010-12-12 06:52 PM
  4. Co1d Night's Avatar

    read i.annie's post and try the alchohol solution, but don't dip the entire device into alchohol.
    2010-12-20 02:24 PM
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    If your serious about making the phone work again, you could buy an ultrasonic cleaner (eBay: $10-$20 for a cheap one). then take the logicboard out of your phone, and submerge it into the ultrasonic cleaner filled with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Let the cleaner do its thing for a few minutes and the take your logicboard out. Let it dry for half an hour or so, or you can apply some direct airflow via a hair dryer (NO HEAT THOUGH). After drying I would recommend that you find another WORKING iPhone (of the same generation) and place your logicboard in there working phone.

    If your logicboard works in there phone, then assume your logicboard has been revived. Place the board back into your own phone and test. If the phone powers up and functions normally then great! If not, maybe some other components were damaged in addition to your board.
    2010-12-25 06:15 PM
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    Subscribed as I'm having the same exact problems currently.

    Planning to do the IPA soak
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    2011-04-11 05:09 AM
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    error 1601 usually means a usb error.....i would look into what someone said already a good clean with IPA and a donor phone to see if the motherboard is usable.....worst case you may need a LCD and dock but its to early to tell that yet.
    2011-04-11 04:03 PM