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    2010-12-19 04:52 PM
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    I have to say, that I haven't seen so much crap in reply to a straight question for a while... I was google'ing around and found this post, you've poured so much useless excrement over the guy's head it's unbelievable - funny enough - I was looking for the answer to that question, not because I want to be a fraudster, I want to change few components on an iPhone, but don't want to mess the imei up - there, a simple solution as to why someone would need to know where it's located... I'm about to change the baseband chip and wanted to know before I'll do it. I know it's an old post, but as said, came here from Google whilst looking for an answer, yet, nowhere else on google I haven't seen so much about this topic. Well done, kids.
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    2011-08-28 11:03 PM
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    1) seriously outdated thread.
    2) due to the nature of what locating the IMEI is used for, this topic is sensitive and likely will not be supported here.
    3) there isn't a need to bump an old thread if it is to continue with the critical responses. This is something I should have cleaned up, my mistake, but you need not add to it.
    4) we don't condone poor language choice. So I've edited that much out of your response.
    2011-08-28 11:22 PM
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    Sorry about that, I was just google'ing away with no joy for few hours now and found this steak... Humble apologies, but went through two pages of this with no logical answer to the initial question.
    2011-08-28 11:28 PM
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    And unfortunately it isn't something we can give the answer to (even if I knew, but I really don't). Sorry you didn't get to find your answer, but there's a reason why even Googling gives you a hard time on finding it. It's a touchy subject.
    2011-08-28 11:39 PM
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    IMEI can be changed, but realize that you will:
    1. loose the phone
    2. loose all other phones you, your wife, and kids have.
    3. face a fine, in Germany, 10,000 EURO
    4. potentially face bar time, and i don't mean the 7 PM happy hour

    Now, there are people who can replace the baseband chip, and there are people who can replace other chips, but is it worth it?
    get an unlocked iphone on ebay.
    just sayin.
    2011-09-07 11:31 PM
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