1. mapsurfer's Avatar
    I got this replacement lcd for 3G off ebay and it has a dark transparent piece of plastic over the white face of the lcd. Question is... do this lcd install with the dark plastic over the lcd face? or is this just a protective cover? The plastic is dark translucent, so having a hard time distinguishing. Ideas?

    2010-12-22 05:37 PM
  2. iRepairIndy's Avatar
    There should have been a back and front piece of plastic over the LCD to protect it..

    Does the LCD look REALLY shiny or is it kind of dull? If its dull then most likely you need to take the plastic off. Once its off the screen will look very shiny.

    You should be able to tell.. it should have a pull tab to take the plastic off.
    2010-12-22 07:29 PM
  3. dq13's Avatar
    any plastic or anything on an LCD has to come off. on the back, the plastic reveals the adhesive. on the front, its protecting the LCD from fingerprints and stuff during installation
    2010-12-22 08:48 PM
  4. mapsurfer's Avatar
    yeah it was a protective cover, new LCD works great. Thanks for the help

    Happy Holidays.
    2010-12-23 02:43 PM