1. mahmoodi's Avatar
    I changed my audio jack flex in my iphone 3GS, after changing it, programs that use GPS does not work,

    signal is weak, or non existant sometimes, everything seems to be well connected.

    WiFi is Working Fine .

    In both xGPS, and maps, it doesnt show my current location accurately and sometimes is far from my position.

    Before changing the audio jack flex, everything was working fine.

    Did I broke the gps antena? Someting needs to be exactly in some place to get a proper signal (for example a screw or something)?

    Any help would be great.
    2011-01-03 07:50 AM
  2. keenpois0n's Avatar
    Do you have the iPad baseband? Could be that. If it's not I'd say you might have knocked something in there but I wouldn't really have a clue!
    2011-01-03 07:54 AM
  3. mahmoodi's Avatar
    I don't have iPad BB. i have 4.2.1 BB 5.13.4 couldn't be software or jailbreak problem ? i used Redsnow .
    2011-01-03 08:21 AM
  4. Cowboy's Avatar
    Very possibly could be a jailbreak problem id restore to normal ipsw and see if that fixes the issue or not first.
    2011-01-03 08:24 AM
  5. mahmoodi's Avatar
    Wifi & GPS antenna is same ?
    2011-01-03 08:46 AM
  6. Cowboy's Avatar
    2011-01-03 08:52 AM
  7. mahmoodi's Avatar
    so i have to wait until i get the Activation sim. and downgrade to what i was on (4.0.1) . to see the problem is HW or JB . thank you .
    2011-01-03 09:06 AM
  8. Cowboy's Avatar
    Does your wifi work?
    2011-01-03 09:08 AM
  9. mahmoodi's Avatar
    Yes Wifi is working Fine
    2011-01-03 09:10 AM
  10. Cowboy's Avatar
    Then I am guess it's a jailbreak thing I'd restore and try again
    2011-01-03 09:12 AM