1. Phildosaurus's Avatar
    Hey, I've got 2 iphone 3GS and I'm debating swapping the entire board. My primary phone is 16 gig and has everything I need on it, including old bootrom, but has an antenna issue. Would it be possible to just pull the board from this phone and put it into my other phone's case without swapping batteries, screens etc? Basically I'm being really lazy because I don't want the working antenna phone to boot tethered.

    1st phone - MB715LL running 4.1(8B117) with defective antenna

    2nd phone - MC640LL running 4.2.1 with working antenna

    Please let me know if this is possible, Thanks!
    2011-01-05 03:52 AM
  2. dq13's Avatar
    but is it an antenna issue on the motherboard or on the case? like a flex cable I mean?

    if the problem is not on the motherboard, since they are both 3GS, then you can swap them without having to swap anything else like battery, screen, etc. everything else is the same
    2011-01-05 04:35 AM
  3. Phildosaurus's Avatar
    I'm not certain where the issue is, I was under the impression that the antenna was located on the case, underneath the battery. As long as everything is compatible i'll just give it a try anyway, it can't hurt
    2011-01-05 04:38 AM