1. 805 93003's Avatar
    I want to replace the mute/vibrate button on 3g. It should be the same repair for the 3gs. The current button is very loose, it moves easily on and off, like the normal friction is not there. When replacing the button do I need to set up the flex cable switch in any fashion. I read somewhere that the flex had to be set in the vibrate position. Is this true? If so how do you do it?


    2011-02-11 06:03 AM
  2. Falcon70's Avatar
    I typically use the 3GS audio flex regardless. I have not had any problems using them on 3G's. Once the audio flex has all components reattached, it is easier to insert the small internal vibrate switch into the back of the external vibrate button if it's in the lower or mute position. If the new audio flex part is not already switched to the lower position, just click it with your fingernail. Also in another thread someone mentioned that you need to melt the two pegs that insert into the bracket for this switch. I've also found that a very tiny drop of superglue works well. Make sure though that you do not get ANY glue onto adjacent parts like the wi-fi connector. The adhesive that is on the audio flex part is not enough by itself. You might also pay attention during dis-assembly to the back of the external button. Often there is a very tiny bit of foam material there. This seems to help the external button 'grip' the internal switch.
    2011-03-01 11:50 AM
  3. 805 93003's Avatar
    Thanks for the detailed information and instructions. Also good to know that the 3gs flex will also work with the 3g.

    2011-03-02 04:41 AM