1. Ritz0420's Avatar
    I was trying to replace my battery. I can't get the camera screw out and stripped it trying. Any ideas on how to get that screw out?
    2011-03-01 10:05 PM
  2. koolcat's Avatar
    try using a small flathead screw driver and kinda pry it up while unscrewing it. Another thing you can do is to use a tweezer and try turning the screw and pulling it up at the same time
    2011-03-01 10:56 PM
  3. Ritz0420's Avatar
    Still can't get the screw out. My camera no longer works. I'm sure I'm not the only person that has stripped a screw. Any other suggestions? What about a jewelers tap and dye set?
    2011-03-03 03:23 PM
  4. 805 93003's Avatar
    This is for iPhone 3g/gs right?

    To replace the battery you do not have to remove the camera. Completely loosen Logic Board. Carefully flip Logic Board over. Disconnect camera flex cable. Remove Logic Board. Replace Battery. Reverse steps.

    To get screw out I have heard of techniques in which one carefully Super Glues the tip of a screw driver into the stripped screw, when glue is dry (a few seconds hopefully), remove screw.

    Also could try to heat a plastic device, maybe an old pen outer casing. Heat it enough (melt) that you can press it into the screw head to make a one time plastic screwdriver. Give it a few seconds to completely cool back to rock hard and try to remove the screw.

    Good luck,

    2011-03-04 04:54 AM
  5. harmon's Avatar
    i have been very successful drilling the head off of stripped screws.

    Did it yesterday on an iphone 4 bottom screw, and have done it on 3g/3gs mid frame screws.

    Obviously have to be very careful. ruins the screw and potentially the socket.
    2011-03-06 03:20 AM
  6. Falcon70's Avatar
    Had the same problem with new iPhone 4 case screws before new screwdrivers arrived - and - also with Apple's overzealous use of blue thread lock stuff. Gentle warmth can work wonders. I use a small 350 watt hobby heat gun that's made to form foam for model train sets. It's precise and not too hot. Also, jewelers will uses a very tiny and sharp file to grind a slot in the head. Then you can use a flat head driver to remove.
    2011-03-06 04:30 AM
  7. sportjon22's Avatar
    yeah. i would say use a drill press. But find someone that is very experienced with this. and if you just dont feel like dealing with all that anymore i suggest getting a new bezel. Try and get oem because it really makes a huge difference in how it fits.
    2011-03-06 08:57 PM
  8. harmon's Avatar
    drill press is unnecessary, but some type of vice/holding mechanism to keep the phone steady is KEY
    2011-03-06 09:27 PM
  9. sportjon22's Avatar
    drill press is unnecessary, but some type of vice/holding mechanism to keep the phone steady is KEY
    It is unnecessary unless you have one that you can access very easily. The best way to drill out a screw is to go in at a perfectly vertical angle. If you have a drill press available to you then that is the way to go. But the easiest way to do this is to just get a new chrome bezel and also buy a proper screwdriver for the iphone at the same time because if you are replacing the bezel you will need to replace screws and parts when you install the new one
    2011-03-06 09:33 PM
  10. WhyKnot's Avatar
    Here Here, very gently drill halfway through the head with approximately the same size of bit as the shank on another screw. You may be able use a phillips or star as some people call it, to break the head off. Try several different screwdrivers as you might find one that will grip better than another.

    Drill gently.

    Before drilling.

    Also rather than a heat gun, heat the tip of the best screwdriver you can find to do the job and hold it in position on the head to transfer heat to screw shank. This endevour is to try and break down any loctite used to solidify screws.

    good luck
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    2011-03-08 06:45 AM
  11. ryan0926's Avatar
    I did somthing similar to my MacBook. I took a dremel with a small bit and ground out a straight line across the top of the screw to make it a "flathead" screw. Then I just took a flathead screwdriver and replaced the screw with a new one

    Hope this helps
    2011-03-08 09:58 PM
  12. kingtaco11's Avatar
    Get some super glue, drop a drop on inside of the stripped screw. then put your screwdriver on top for a bit while the glue dries. Then twist it slowly with alot of pressure.

    worked for me just yesterday!
    2011-03-09 09:35 AM
  13. Ritz0420's Avatar
    Thanks guys for all ur help. I still have not gotten the screw out. I'm gonna try the super glue trick next I think. It seems the safest at this point...
    2011-03-09 01:55 PM
  14. kiddrobot777's Avatar
    hey im trying to repair my iphone and i have no time to order screw extracters and have tryed every trick from glue to rubber bands its ridiculous. the screw is by the camera on the emi sheild its completely striped. i got the other 4 screws out its just that littile one that is pissing me off pleasee help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2012-02-27 02:03 AM
  15. WhyKnot's Avatar
    I take it that the phillips head bore is stripped. If that is the case a small drill used very carefully can take the head off. It has to be the diameter of the screw shank. Once the head is off and the board is out a very fine soldering gun tip could be used to heat the remainder of the screw up, Heat is used to neutralize or soften the lock tight used when the phone is originally assembled. If too much heat is applied then the brass nut that is bedded in the case will soften and you may be able to lift brass insert and remainder of he screw out of the board. JB weld to affix if this happens Very small amount.

    Good luck
    2012-02-27 03:16 AM
  16. Eddy91's Avatar
    Any other tips without having to drill? I tried the super glue trick, never worked, it's the screw at the bottom of the motherboard holding it on to the mid frame btw
    2012-02-29 05:29 PM