1. dee9299's Avatar
    I only have a picture of the front ..will take some of the back tomorrow...enjoy
    Attached Thumbnails iPhone 4 Clear-img_1176.jpg  
    2011-03-28 06:52 AM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    That looks good what type of glue if any did you use?
    2011-03-28 06:57 AM
  3. dee9299's Avatar
    none at all.....the screws hold it just fine
    2011-03-28 06:58 AM
  4. Cowboy's Avatar
    OKay thats what i figured. NEver tried clear but i love the look of it
    2011-03-28 06:58 AM
  5. dee9299's Avatar
    It gets a ton of looks and does wonders for free advertising
    2011-03-28 07:04 AM
  6. Cowboy's Avatar
    I bet. I am buying a shattered iPhone 4 tomorrow for 200 bucks so I might get a clear kit and sell my red one
    2011-03-28 07:11 AM
  7. Lost Soul™'s Avatar
    I wonder what's the best way to remove the LCD from the Glass/Digitizer.. ?! Do you have a tip for us?
    2011-03-28 12:00 PM
  8. dee9299's Avatar
    I didnt remove it. I bought it like that. But I have made my own front display clear before without removing the LCD.
    2011-03-28 02:47 PM
  9. xl2ealx's Avatar
    complete transparent iphone 4 conversion kit w/ installation and shipping! Sale!,


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    2011-03-28 08:19 PM
  10. iamkadaj's Avatar
    The great thing about the clear, Is you can make a high quality print of your fave scenery or a loved one, an stick it into the back and front for a nice custom finish!
    2011-04-02 02:55 AM