1. YiddishSoul's Avatar
    Hello smart people! (Thought I should start off strong with my first post.)

    I've had an iPhone 3GS for a while, so when the camera stopped working and got really hot to the touch, I figured I'd go ahead and take it out myself. I was able to open the thing up without incident and run the phone camera-less (and non-superheated) while I waited for a replacement from eBay, which I then installed. But even though it looked like it was a 3GS camera, down to the little numbers on the ribbon, it doesn't seem to have a functioning focus mechanism.

    The pictures have that quality where everything is pretty much focused the same (high depth of field?), like an older cell phone camera. Photos are 3MP, and tapping in the official app (and also Camera+) does the normal white balance thing, but I suspect those are software-based behaviors. Could it somehow be a 3G camera in a 3GS housing? Or is there some other possible explanation?

    (I actually did a full restore, in case it was a software quirk. No change after that, though.)

    Help me with my poor, easily-distracted camera. (Get it? Can't focus? Distracted? Eh? ...Meh, it wasn't a great joke.)
    2011-04-11 04:29 AM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    To me is sounds like the camera is probably is faulty i eould just try another one and make sure you connections are ok
    2011-04-11 04:33 AM
  3. YiddishSoul's Avatar
    Cool. I actually opened the phone up an extra time to verify that everything was connected properly, and there was nothing amiss and no change in function when I tried again. So you might be on to something...
    2011-04-11 04:37 AM
  4. Cowboy's Avatar
    I would try changing out the camera if the connection is good but its not focusing usually a good sign the camera is bad
    2011-04-11 04:40 AM