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    Ok so my iPhone 3GS suffered water damage about 3 weeks ago and I've not been able to recover it since. I"m considering the Apple Out of Warranty replacement option. Am I eligible if I haven't ever replaced one before? I had an early model old bootrom MB model, so I know I'd be getting an MC model, but are they really that bad? I replaced the battery and headphone jack in, but should I change the battery back to the old one before going into Apple? Do they actually disassemble the devices in the factory and trace it back to you via serial number if they discover you opened your phone? I'm missing the "Do Not Remove" sticker, and the #7 sticker, but will glue it on if I can find it. Anyways, just looking for some advice here. I really want my 3GS back because selling it for parts would get me almost nothing, if anything, plus I don't want to extend my contract at all because I plan to upgrade to the 5 in the fall, or an Android over the summer. I just can't wait that long currently.

    Is it possible to upgrade to an iPhone 4 without a contract extension?
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