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    Alright here's the deal. The iPhone 4 was thrown. Hit a wall and bent the metal frame. Broke the front and rear glass. I replaces both glass, metal frame and the charger port. The phone sat for 4 months waiting on an unlock. I got my gevey sim. No service. So I tried att similar same no service. I have restored blah blah. Doesn't get any reception. Can anyone explain or the GSM antennae, which part it is, where it hooks up, and why it may not be working.
    I noticed My sim tray does not pop out I assume I left out a part of the metal frame.
    anyone? ?
    2011-04-24 10:06 PM
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    lol anger managment issues bud.

    you could look at ifixits teardowns for info
    2011-04-24 11:23 PM
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    lol yea.. i got it from the att store.. i didnt throw it! some chick brought it in and said her husband threw it.. guess he had some bad texts.

    Well that did
    not help one bit. It doesn't explain anything. I need to find where the GSM antennae connects to the frame or wherever it connects. Looking at it there is only one of the antennae connectors in use which is connected fine. Im assuming the dock connector is bad for the moment.
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    2011-04-25 02:13 AM