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    I have sync'to my 3g, I can charge the battery, lcd appears ok but hear are my problems:

    1/ Touch screen has been removed as it was broken so I have little control of unit.

    Home button cable assembly has been replaced but appears as though I will have to replace as it is not working.

    2/ "No service" shows on screen when my valid sim card is inserted but, was wondering if it might come around if digitizer and home button repairs are made?

    3/ I jailbroke without these functions, I will unlock if required.

    My questions: Does the new Digitizer have to glued in
    The lcd is cracked but seems to be functioning, could this be a problem even though it works.

    any answers would be much appreciated
    2011-04-29 05:40 AM
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    If this is Original iPhone 2g, then: if you cannot use the touch function your Digitizer is cracked not the LCD. If your LCD is cracked you would not have a clear picture on the screen. To fix any component of Original iPhone screen you need to basically buy the 3 component screen, Front Screen, Digitizer, LCD which are fused together. This costs more than a good functional Original iPhone. So it is ballgame over financially. The "No Service" is an antenna problem most likely, nothing to do with Digitizer or Home Button function. If you can charge the battery, sync it, and jailbreak it then the Home Button Flex cable is most likely good. Try a Hard Reset while the phone is on, hold at same time the Power and Home buttons for about 15 seconds until the White Apple appears on screen. If this works then Home Button works. If the Home Button or Call Mouth Microphone are out, you may just need to carefully just reseat the Large Flex Cable under the battery at its Logic Board Clamp Connector. Open connector flap and carefully reseat the Large Flex Cable end, and then carefully close back the flap. See if that restores the Home Button function. Have fun playing around with your abused iPhone, but a functioning screen is too costly to justify repairing this phone. Good luck. Brad
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    2011-04-29 07:39 AM
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    Appreciate your time.

    The sim installed probably isnt the correct provider, so hence no service. Its shows this in Itunes. The digitizer has been removed. So it definately has to be replaced. The phone functions screen wise and looks ok The glue question was referring to the cement Apple used glue to make the glasses more stable I think. Replacement digitizers show upper and lower cement points only.

    Thank you again for your time.

    I replaced the home button ribbon assembly, and is non responsive. The home button does not show continuity on an ohmmeter, the old button was disassembled when I received these parts, but does show continuity. Is this a common problem with replacements as I see it on several posts by other members?

    thank you
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