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    I saw today a place where you can change the baseband chip with another programmed with older baseband to use with ultrasn0w!!!

    iPhone 3G or 3GS Digital Baseband Processor Replacement | BeijingiPhoneRepair.com

    I'm not so bad in hardware replacement and i have access to a programmer to write any BGA chip...

    I'm pretty new in this hobby, but is it something it can be possible for unlocking my 3GS ?

    I did in the pas with dish/bev change some bga tsop on VIP receiver, to write any # you want to match with...

    Does someone here in the biggest forum about iPhone have tested it or have any info ?

    Thank you


    Nobody is interested in this way ?

    It's not easy to do, but not impossible...

    Does someone knows if the chip is read lock or encrypted ?

    Thank you


    Just to know if someone have CONS about this, because i will buy 1 to test it...

    Thank you
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