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  1. BrIan4x4's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    i have a strange request. i need to know if i can get the back cover off an ipod to work on a iphone 3.

    my brother is working in UAE and where he is working camera phones are not allowed due to security concerns. he currently has a blackberry 9000 which was supplied by his employers, but they were specially made without a camera and no blackberry app world. when he is not in work he has an iphone4 so we can talk using viber/skype/tango/whatsapp over 3g but when he is working he only has whatsapp on his blackberry and the keypad is terrible. i wanted to get my old iphone 3 modded to remove the camera, and fit an ipod touch back or something so it looks just like an ipod that makes phone calls as when he is working he is on shift for 9 days straight without leaving the compound he is based in and there is no wifi to use an ipod touch but the area has great 3g coverage.

    any thoughts would be appreciated.


    2011-05-03 01:13 AM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    He could just take the camera out of the iPhone I suppose. Not sure a iPod touch back would fit onto a iPhone.
    2011-05-03 01:18 AM
  3. Cowboy's Avatar
    No it wont the only this to is is take the camera out or just simply on plug it from the board
    2011-05-03 01:23 AM
  4. BrIan4x4's Avatar
    Thanks guys. I will see about unplugging it and maybe paint the rear cover gloss black or something.
    Time to hit youtube as i havent opened an iphone before.


    2011-05-03 02:00 AM